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Whether you’re a new or experienced driver, it can be easy to overlook the gauges on your dashboard. Things don’t go wrong often, do the possibility of the malfunction isn’t something that most of us think about on a daily basis. All the same, it’s important to keep an eye on your gauges and attend to any issues promptly.

Who pays attention to the temperature gauge?
You look at the fuel gauge and speedometer daily, but you should also pay attention to the temperature gauge.
The temperature gauge doesn’t actually measure the engine’s temperature. Instead, it measures the temperature of the engine’s coolant. Most gauges have ranges for cold, normal and got.

What could go wrong?
If your car’s temperature gauge gets into the hot range, you need to move to a safe place and stop driving immediately. Ignoring this one can cause a lot of expensive damage in a fairly short amount of time.
It’s important to get an idea of how hot your car normally runs. While outside temperatures will get will affect the reading a little, temperatures that are above your car’s normal range could indicate problems with the cooling system.