Adebiyi Stephen

Hello, thanks for visiting Prince Automobile Clinic! I’m glad you found us and I hope you find the information on this site helpful for you. Allow me to tell you a little story about myself.

I trained and worked as an automobile mechanic, initially, my belief was “only the expert technicians should be allowed to maintain your car.” because my father is also a mechanic, and he does his car maintenance by himself which I found too stressful. So I thought to myself “I will never let myself go through such stress, just let the experts handle it.”

After some years, my father started becoming weak due to his age. I felt pity for him, so I started going with him for jobs to assist him a little. There I realized my thoughts about car maintenance have been trash. I began to learn things I never expected a car could do and the importance of car maintenance.

So I decided after being advised by him to learn, I then decided I would learn from his former colleague at Mercedes Benz workshop who now owns her workshop.

So I specialize in Mercedes Benz vehicles and my boss was a woman. Isn’t that fascinating?

Learning from her opened my eyes to a lot of things in and outside of the mechanic world. She is a great teacher and mentor.

After some time, I realized that there are different kinds of mechanics, ( I am not talking about their expertise on the job) ( I am talking about their dishonesty, character, bad reputation, cruelty, and manners to work. I am just so happy that my father isn’t like that, he hates them too. (Like father like son right?)

So many mechanics out there today are a bunch of liars. They lie to customers (condemn good parts of the car to extort money from the customers ). It pisses me off. But there was nothing I could do about it then, the part I hate most is the excessive charges billed to customers and yet they don’t or satisfy the customers. ( that’s cruel, isn’t it? )

So I thought of making a change to this. (Though, I don’t know if this happens in other countries but for Nigeria; it happens 200%.

So my becoming a mechanic and leaving my dreams behind wasn’t just to assist my weak dad, but was to rescue car users out of the danger and tactics of the brutal mechanics.

Oh! I forgot to mention to you what I was doing before I became a mechanic. ( my dream). I was planning to go into a higher institution when I started my mechanic journey. I planned on studying theater arts. I love dancing which has always been my passion (so arts is my thing).

Now I’m back at my dad’s workshop as his right-hand man, handling the business like mine. And growing and expanding the business has been one of my top priorities. The websites and social media pages had to be created by me. Cause I love social media marketing. (I guess it’s just the passion for business.)

I asked myself. “should I just put all my whole attention on running the workshop or I should also consider the reason that pushed me to proceed to learn this craft (I don’t like calling it a job, or work, it makes me feel like an employee., I am an entrepreneur).

I decided to create a blog site where I can reach everyone out there, using or not using a car, and interested in knowing the vital information about maintaining their cars themselves without having to always spend necessarily.

I have also made this easy for you, you don’t always have to come to my blog site to get the information. You can also get them on my Facebook and WhatsApp page, where I will be sending you automobile nuggets directly to your Facebook dm or WhatsApp dm free of charge. ( no cost at all $0.0)

You can click the link below to learn how to get the free auto info & tips nuggets directly into your Facebook and WhatsApp dm. You will be getting many Do-It-Yourself tips at no cost ($00.0)

By clicking the link, you will be doing yourself a great favor of getting this limited offer for free forever and also you’re assisting me to achieve my goals of helping people like you avoid blood-sucking mechanics like the one you currently have.

Anyway, enough of the chit-chat! If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading this and I hope it helps you. Feel free to explore the sight and I hope you find at least something useful! If you have any comments and feedback for me, I would love to hear them go to the contact us section and send me a mail!

Let’s build something together.